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1Click DVD Copy Pro 4.2

1Click DVD Copy Pro is a very powerful DVD copier/burner
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1Click DVD Copy Pro is a very powerful DVD copier/burner. It consists of a single window, from where the user can create copies of DVD movies. The application comes with 6 copy presets. Those allow you to copy DVD movies in several different ways. The most common way of copying a movie is to create a perfect copy, also known as 1:1 copy. 1Click DVD Copy Pro allows you to do that. It also can be used to only copy the main movie file and delete all the extras, copy only the movie and the extras with preferred languages, copy all the video episodes from a DVD and delete extras, copy the whole disc and apply compression, and create an exact copy. The last profile allows you to set the settings manually and choose what you want copied.

The application is smart enough to realize when a DVD movie won't fit in 4.7 GB discs and it will ask you to insert DL media. Also, you can set it to prefer DTS audio and to regularly copy only your preferred languages and subtitles, which is a great feature for when you have to copy several movies.

As far as performance goes, the fastest copies are those that don't require compression and in my testing, I was able to fully complete a copy in 20 minutes, which is on par with other solutions out there.

José Fernández
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  • Nice copy presets.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Quality is good and speed on par


  • A bit pricey
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